About Japan Retro Games

We are an online store that has been selling on eBay since 2013.
Our seller name is oallap1 and we are a well known and trusted seller of retro Games and other items like laserdics, guidebooks. Please check the link below to check feedback on eBay:


We buy our products from several stores, such as stores like “Hard Off”, Booktown, Takara Shima, Treasure Bomb around Aichi and Gifu.
Many places don’t treasure these items as you do, this is why I would like to help collectors around the world build up their collections.
Whether you want the game to play, just the cartridge, or to show, complete in the box, this is your store.

We also buy and sell from Yahoo Auction Japan were we can find more quality products.

If items that you are interested are not on our page for sale you can mail us and we will do
Our best to find it.


Email: contact@japanretrogames.shop