August 2020 Japan

It is has been a while since I wrote here.

This year Japan was supposed to hold the Tokyo Olympics but with Covid-19 spreading all over the world it has being postponed until 2021 ( let’s see about that!).

Japan was not on lock-down as other countries have done. We had a state of emergency, schools, private schools, movie theaters, etc… have been closed. But life has gone on… Many businesses remained opened as normal ( well, not quite, adjusting to social distance and all that). Wearing masks has not being and issue here (we have the anti-mask people to, and you see few people not wearing them), since many people wear them regularly. Not so much during the summer, which has been new for many. It has been particularly annoying since Japan’s summer is very hot and humid, so you can imagine walking around with a mask on under is just unbearable.

This year I have not being able to go around checking for items at the “junk” stores so much. Being afraid to catch the Covid-19. In the early months of the pandemic I visited my local “hard-off” (it is a chain of second-hand, junk store, in Japan). I was looking around when I heard and saw this guy coughing all over the store and not wearing a mask. So, after walking right out, I decided I would take a break until things got better. Here we are now at the end of August and we are having clusters (again) all over the place.

Aaaanyway, enough of the corona-virus!!

I am going to keep an eye on the site more and promote it more. I have had 0 sales since it launched. It is sooooooo depressing !!! I do sell stuff on eBay, Yahoo Auction Japan, but I really want to get this site going.

My friend and designer of this website, Kaz ( I don’t have his permission to write his name, so Kaz it is), looked over the website this past week and fixed some things. He added extra security and made sure all was up to date.

So, If you are interested in getting retro games, consoles, LP’s, LD’s, VHD’s, VHS’s, and other cool retro stuff from Japan. This is your site.

I do not have it all,

I do not have much,

but little by little I will put rare items,


Thank you for taking the time to read,

I hope that you and your families keep safe,


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